Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Update May 16, 2023

 Well, it's been a long time. Longer than I realized. But my life has been a mess for a time. Now I am getting some stuff back in order. And this blog is something I cannot neglect anymore.

I've been on track with my fiction writing and I plan on posting updates on here as to my progress. Sort of a way to keep up with where things are going. Last summer I started a series of stories set in the Barony of Silver Gauntlet. Inspired by my Castles & Crusades games I'd played. Basically they serve to introduce characters and do some world building for later stories I have planned. Three of them have been published on Kindle Vella so far. Two are finished and the third is half done with the remaining chapters posting each Monday. And I am just past the halfway mark on the fourth. I have three more planned to do in the series.

 I have also been doing some prep work on other stories as well. Not new ones, but ones I'd set aside because I wasn't happy with what I had and wanted to change some things. I finally figured out what was wrong with them recently and I am getting them ready to start on. Which I plan on doing when I finish the current story. I'll go into more detail about them once I start on them. Plus I think this will be a good place to add supplemental material as well. But that's for a future post.

My writing schedule these days is Monday through Friday from 11:30 PM until I reach a good stopping point. No set word count or such. Usually when I reach the end of a chapter but not always. As for when I'll be updating this blog, eventually daily with the weekends off like with my writing. But to start it may only be two or three days a week until I can get into the routine. It will mainly be updates on where I am with my stories as I haven't been doing as much drawing or painting lately. Though if I do I may add some of that here as well.

Anyway I believe that is all for today. I will talk to you later.

J. L. LaMastus

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