Thursday, July 27, 2023

Update July 27

 Things have been productive. I have several stories completed and in the pipeline to be published on Vella. Actually they have been even more productive than I anticipated. So I've been reworking my plans and changing things ups somewhat. Within the next couple of weeks this should all take affect.

Monday - Stories set in The Silver Gauntlet Barony. I have three more of them planned and they should run until January or February of next year. They will be leading up to a stand alone novel to come out later next year.

Tuesday - I am writing some one shot stand alone stories which will be published on this day each week.

Wednesday - The Harvester will continue to run this day It remains an ongoing story with no planned ending at the moment.

Thursday - Like Tuesday this will be a day of having a stand alone or one shot story. Some of these may lead to something more, some won't.

Friday - The W.A.R.D. stories will continue, and like the Harvester these are ongoing. 

Saturday - I have a new sci-fi space opera story planned with the working title of Dawn Seekers. I'll talk about it a little more once I've ironed out a few more of the details.

Sunday -  I think six days a week will be enough so there will not be anything today.

Anyway that's my new plan. Of course it could change, but for now I am sticking to it.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Update July 7th

 It's been awhile. Time for an update.

Writing has been going good. I have the latest Silver Gauntlet tale still running on Vella. And I'm off to a good start on The Harvester. The first four chapters have been written and tonight I uploaded them to Vella to publish on Wednesdays starting next week.

After I finish this first Harvester story I think it will be time to start work on the W.A.R.D. stories. I get them going and I will have them publishing on Fridays. If I can keep this up it would be great. I am getting better word counts every night. It helps that I am truly enjoying what I'm writing. The Harvester is one I am really feeling good about.

In between the three stories I am planning out some essays I think I'd like to write that I'll post here. I have a few ideas but nothing set just yet. I'll see how that goes.