Friday, July 27, 2018

Dino Drac Funpack July 2018

So the Dinosaur Dracula Fun Pack for July arrived a couple days ago. It's his fourth anniversary putting out these boxes of joy. It is also my first anniversary subscribing to them. And it's a winner once again. Lets dive in and have a look at what kind of goodness came this month.

Snacks. Two packs of Fruit Stripe Gum. Nice, but I don't chew gum honestly. So I gave these to my nephew who had never tried it before. He liked to so that's a win.  The barbeque chips were good as well.

Another Super Monstrous figure. This is the fourth one I've gotten in these funpacks. Previously I'd received Dracula, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and a witch. Now I have the Huntchback from this cool like of toys from Spain.

Six packs of trading cards to add to my ever growing collection. I've already filled two binders with mostly the cards I get in these packs. Time to start a third one.

E. T. The Extraterrestrial earrings. Umm, okay.

Super Mario Bros. movie buttons. Fun.

The usual mini-poster and stickers. Always nice to get.

And finally my favorite item of the month. An unexpected Pog of Morbius the Living Vampire. Seriously, this is my favorite Marvel Super Hero. The pog was an addition to the pack this month that I didn't know about. And the fact that it was just randomly in there was mind blowing and wonderful.

I enjoy getting these fun packs in the mail every month along with reading Dinosaur Dracula's blog and watching the cool videos he post as well as listening to his podcast, The Purple Stuff Podcast regularly. I highly recommend checking them out if you're not familiar with them. 

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