Thursday, July 26, 2018

Childhood Toys from Granny's Pt. 2

As promised the second post about the toys I had at my grandmother's house. Some of these are a bit odd, and some are not toys either. But I felt they should go in as well.

First up some stationary type stuff. The Cabbage Patch Kids ruler. Technically it was my sister's but I used it as much as her. 

My pencil sharpener, also served as a computer for my action figures. It was just the right size.

A 1984 Olympics cup from McDonalds. Used this as a pencil cup rather than drinkware.

This toy tomahawk hung on the wall in the playroom at Granny's for years. No idea where we got it from. 

This I've had since I was a wee babe. It used to be a squeak toy, but the squeaker is long gone.

A Stomper truck from a McDonalds Happy Meal. A rare thing for me to have at Granny's. Most of the time we ate at Burger Queen (yes there was such a place.) Later it was a smaller place called Druther's.

These little nick nacks sat on a small shelf in our playroom.  An elf with a missing leg, four clowns, a seashell, two swans and a poodle. I have no idea why we had these, we just did.

That's all for this time. There may be a part three if I find some more of the stuff I had. I haven't found it all yet as it got put away in different places. Until then...

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