Monday, September 3, 2018

Burger Chef Commercials #1

When I was a kid there was a chain of fast food restaurants known as Burger Chef. They were one of my favorite places to eat. As a bit of a nostalgia trip I've decided to share some of their commercials with you dear readers.

First up we get one with the mascots Burger Chef & Jeff. These are the guys that were a main part of my memories of the restaurant. But they weren't the only ones however.

There were also an assortment of monsters who interacted with Chef & Jeff. Such as Wolfburger the werewolf.

And of course there was Count Fangburger the vampire. I got a kick out of his little bat pal.

There were others as well. Cackleburger the Witch, The Great Burgini and Crankenburger. Fangburger and Crankenburger also had families as well. It was a fun and interesting assortment of mascots. More my style that the King or Ronald.

But before these characters came along they had other advertisements featuring cartoon characters.

In the 1960's they had ads with the characters from the popular newspaper comic strip "Family Circus"

Back to Chef & Jeff, they were used to introduce the Fun Burger followed by the Fun Meal. These were the predecessors to all the other kid's meals  that were to come later.


I think that's enough for tonight. There are more that I will share at a later time.

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