Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update 5/15/2014-Preview Time

As promised a small preview of Palaces & Ponies : Book of Ponies.

New Character
Specialty Class:

Coming from the great libraries in the Capital Scholars often go out exploring in the world to find new or unusual manuscripts for study. As they are not fighters they suffer a penalty in combat. And will avoid fighting unless they absolutely have to. Most scholars tend to be horses as unicorns and pegasi prefer to be more adventurous.

+3 to Brains, -2 to Brawn, 2d6-1 Health
Starts with 1d6x5 coins.

Combat penalty -2 on attack/defense rolls.

Though they don't practice magic like the Mage classes Scholars can use it without the penalties of non Mage classes. However they do not start out knowing any spells and can only gain them from books they discover and study. They get magic points equal to their three combined attributes at level one. And gain one additional point per level after that.

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